Topics ICLB 2022

Clinical/Epidemiology, including
Clinical trials/studies, including those on persisting symptoms after treatment for LB
Risk factor studies / clinical manifestations
Patient participation / education & communication / citizen science
Other tick-borne diseases
Disease surveillance

Diagnostics, including
Development of diagnostic tests
Evaluation of (novel) diagnostic tests (new technologies/platforms)
Identification of novel diagnostic markers
Molecular typing/genomes

Pathogenesis, including
Tick-host-pathogen interactions
Host immune responses
Microbial biology, physiology and virulence factors
(Integrated) multi-omics data (big data)
Mechanisms of chronic or persisting infection
Novel treatments for tick-borne diseases and co-infections

Ecology and tick biology, including
Tick biology, ecology and behavior
Transmission dynamics of tick-borne pathogens
Natural infection in ticks and vertebrate reservoirs
Tick microbiota and vector competence
Changing environment and climate
Molecular mechanisms involved in tick feeding and pathogen transmission

Prevention, including
Environmental tick, pathogen and exposure control
One health approach
Development and applications of repellents
Development and evaluation of vaccines
Antibiotic prophylaxis
Citizen science and public health education